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"Astralis best team in the world"
CIS playing like retards W-ing on T side and overpushing 5v4s on CT side when there is no need to even push, how long is that gonna last? Spirit T side on train vs Astralis- just W into a bombsite, 9/...
"Astralis best team in the world"
cry will be free later
"Astralis best team in the world"
people always say that and it happens
"Astralis best team in the world"
again hltv experts ranking teams first 2 months of the year When Astralis end year top 1 or 2 and probably with 5th major probably gonna be malding
Did Jame fucking double scope again?
cry is free
navi era
Probably true, there is always somebody botting, they always rotate 3 players performing and 2 being bots, if they somehow manage to have 4 fragging their T side strats are "15 second monster rush on ...
VP vs Liquid
dont jinx, but if it happens VP 2-1, yekindar 12-0 opening duels vs steven10am
source, perkele
Astralis peeking AWP 1 by 1
that astralis are peeking the awp 1v1 like matchmaking, its a simple phrase
but then he was 200 k coming from pro100, also blad3 is a retard, i dont know if he tells boombl4 to do 20 second T rounds but if he does i would kick him in no time
somebody drops 15 frags in a half or 30 bombs a map "X guy to top 3 team, make it happen!!!! "NAVI got em $$$$", navi didnt want to give 500k for fl1t cant imagine how much is yekindar gonna cost, als...
Choking nicely, qikert whiffing every flank, sanji peeking like a dumbass, Jame being dropped awp and not getting kills
meanwhile Jame getting dropped awp on Inferno more than s1mple in entire bo3 and cant get a kill
Why Navi is easy to counter strat
maybe electronic should try harder than 0.94 vs top 10 in 2021