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Dexter to Mouz confirmed
Pls renegades makes it to the major. I want alistair's sticker :O hoping this guy makes it into any international team in the future!
Vitality vs Complexity
Aussie as well!
Would s1mple fix g2?
You can always spot it on cam every time he's not in a good situation or the team is not doing great. Dude's got egotistic characteristic all over his face.
Would s1mple fix g2?
G2 the only top contender from EU in Worlds last year what I can barely remember. Why did they sold their midlaner? I think dude's insane. Edited: mid or carry? I don't really follow league that much...
Would s1mple fix g2?
Yahh just read the news guy from LoL right? That's a huge deal but still same I don't think it will solve every issues in G2.
Would s1mple fix g2?
Just read about the bargain dude's cost 10 or 5 million? Either both is damn huge! But I slightly doubt adding s1mple will turn the red light into a continuous green.
Would s1mple fix g2?
I thought they're already broke since they bought NiKo
Did I just saw it right? Cant believe I found it easily on #10. We were born 3 days before the date of D-Day landing :D
What If hltv...
Should be out by this morning but no meaning theyre brain storming the hell out of both stats.
top 2 leaked
1) mantuu 2) k0nfig
If honda's garbage what even mongolian brands that could manufacturing anything out of our mind :O
Predictions of today
Navi lose this & honda might get 4 aces this match & still have 4 flat tyres, vtec broke & out of fuel.
NIKO #1 2021
NiKo & Ropz going to split the number #1 title in 2021. #0.5 EACH!
ENCE + Liquid
Twistzz gone because of the "P" word. A "P" can make a man do anything. Never mess with a "P"!