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Northern Forces vs Big Chillin
Northern forces choke?
Northern Forces vs Big Chillin
never mind no stream
Northern Forces vs Big Chillin
ATK vs Detonate
Never mind LCA yelled at me because they want “exclusive rights” to there game and threatened to gatekeep me from casting opportunities. RIP
Northern Forces vs Valors
oops never mind
Northern Forces vs Valors
English cast:
ENG Cast:
ATK vs Northern Forces
Thank you for the nice comment should be a banger
Detonate vs GODSENT
How do you add a match stream to a match page on hltv?
Detonate vs GODSENT
ATK vs Northern Forces
ATK is a team that has won 13 straight maps en route to an Upper bracket semifinal birth, Northern Forces stumbled to Godsent at the end of the season solidifying Godsents #1 seed. Now we're here in t...
Valors vs Brigada
Levitate vs X13
Levitate are the favorites going into this game. The vetos should end up favoring Levitate due to X13 poor performance in the map pool. They will end up in a very tough spot in the veto and as a resul...
Detonate vs GODSENT
The veto will be quite interesting, Looking at Denotate they have a good win rate on nuke however if Nuke makes it through the firsts bans Godsent will pick it. Now Godsent could let OP through the fi...
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
As Moses would say “There’s a chance this gets spicy.”