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is it me or is Cristiano Ronaldo a bit of a boring player

like u see it at the end of the league
"oh wow Cristiano has 34 goals"
but u can never remember them.

can u remember a single CR7 goal ?

but try Neymar...u can see the rainbow flick
i remember a Neymar flick.
Forum posts
Baiting is good
more like good players bait to maximize their impact, but its with their team's consent i'd get very mad if I was playing MM with a guy like s1mple for instance, he baits everyone like a motherfucker ...
West still Colonialists
i mean yes but no considering the kenya dude is definitely in the wrong here but yes in the sense that those 'values' are used as tools and means for geopolitical influence even if they're good values...
Brazil is a mixed country!!!!!
imagine begging for a seal of whiteness on the internet
Your favorite bands/artists
Illmatic is a great album, highly recommend it and you might wanna follow through the lyrics in a website like Genius to make sure you understand all the references that he makes. If you like that typ...
Your favorite bands/artists
the weeknd - idk his old songs are quite a trip Nas - good lyricism and flow, basically he's a genius at the things that make rap good
Gaben appreciation thread
nice one
im gonna buy bitcoin against my own will
wait how is bitcoin the cheapest either way its at 57k so expect to lose money i'd go with ether or doge or monero if they are options
France vs Great Britain
Lobster war 2.0
English club football
they decided to spend money decently instead of just going for autistic wastes (man u and arsenal may need a while though) and also barcelona and real madrid are in some serious slumps
Congrats to Man City
yeah probably but chelsea's defence is fuckin insane
kante is wh
fucking insane I miss when casemiro was as good as him but nowadays there's no comparison