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Fan of players
is it me or is Cristiano Ronaldo a bit of a boring player

like u see it at the end of the league
"oh wow Cristiano has 34 goals"
but u can never remember them.

can u remember a single CR7 goal ?

but try Neymar...u can see the rainbow flick
i remember a Neymar flick.
Forum posts
true that
Real Madrid CS !!!
exactly, if even some broke ass south american clubs are doing it then it probably has its value as an investment
they sell stickers and jerseys because its the largest fanbase, and they have a pretty organized squad that's been getting good results so idk how it could've been a bad idea so far maybe there's mor...
Real Madrid CS !!!
yeah but tbh it should be pretty cheap for an european team to maintain a CS squad, especially if its like a tier 3 EU spanish squad that manages to sell jerseys, something like the Movistar Riders ro...
US Stock Market
I downloaded the avenue securities app but I have no idea on what to buy if I actually go through with it and open an account Anything beats waiting for RAIL3 and Marfrig to get their shit together th...
Real Madrid CS !!!
No, but whenever football clubs go into esports they usually go for locals to try to attract the local fans instead of just spending a fuckton of money into the best players in the world
delta covid
vaccines wont stop you from getting it and it spread easier but in terms of mortality I guess its around the same
Real Madrid CS !!!
uhhh wouldnt they prioritize spanish players?
Separate top 20 list for awp abusers ?
just sort players by rating 2.0 and subtract the awpers?
ppl who drive COME
most stuff should be pretty intuitive, just look for an online test to practice
CS Major > Olympics
+1 Neymar has an olympic gold medal but he still hasnt won a CSGO major so there you go
fav country from each region
+1 good reference
fav country from each region
North Europe: Sweden East Europe: Russia West Europe: Germany North Asia: Kazakhstan East Asia: China Middle East: Probably isreal if they would stop being mean towards palestina North Africa: Egypt...
Brazil Orgs
Investment in esports in brazil has a very positive outlook right now with MIBR academy, Havan, kNg's new project and some new esports arenas being built in sao paulo (Pacaembu and Ginásio do Ibirapue...