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praise competence before ideology u cucks
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bolsonaro son
give us green cards somewhere thats not fuckin florida plz
bolsonaro son
he's closeted af
need haircut!
lol same here just wait until u have a reason to I guess
hltv gdpr delete account request
he changed his flag recently
I mean they're basically some retired old men and some young talents that decided to waste their youth
Astralis vs Evil Geniuses
way too easy for god CERQ
Selling skins
not available to brazil unfortunately i'm checking on bitskins
Selling skins
I heard that skinbaron requires a german bank acc, can skinport transfer directly to your local account somehow?
CS:GO dead scene country
- Scene died down when 'LAN houses' died down - Lack of commercial interest/viability for tournaments to have sponsors and teams to pay their salaries So basically Brazil without FalleN?
+1 considering how much bitching would be going on if a player got covid in Rio, security is probably already enough of a concern plus there's kinda no point in doing a brazil event without the fans a...
worsetest arguments
- low sens abuser (that has gotta be the lowest IQ thing i've ever read) - back when brazil was good, "coldzera's only good when baiting" or "SK is only good because other teams are slumping" - cloud9...
EUs are scared of Americas Alliance (AA) so they're trying to divide us
is ZywOo the Zidane of CSGO
why are you not angry then xddd
Windows 10 help
either way if you're on windows already, rufus should make it pretty easy