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EPG Family vs fnatic
ok ence was pure dogshit, but fnatic will take at least a map, no ?
ENCE vs EPG Family
this gonna be the first time i have ever wrote a comment like that but if ence organisation have any voice of wisdom in their heads, this is not a team i would like to represent me..... these results...
ENCE vs EPG Family
Cant read into sarcasm huh?
ENCE vs EPG Family
If EPG will shut down Spinx as they didnt succeed with it on nuke ence wont even win a round on overpass.. luckly for them.. only the israelian prodigy is performing for ence so far... oh wait
ENCE vs EPG Family
Massive facepalm
ENCE vs EPG Family
I mean... ence +1.5 for 1.7 is way to high right? I am so confused
Complexity vs mousesports
Col looks like clowns in comlarison to mouz
map trade incoming ? tyloo doesnt look good at all
Extra Salt vs Vitality
all of the sudden they know how to shoot es ? after their recent spring sweet spring performances ? i mean, can it be more obvious they didnt care about playing in this tournament ? why did they even ...
tyloo have this one in the bag
Extra Salt vs Vitality
vitality 2:0
SKADE vs Extra Salt
they are :)
Invictus vs Wings Up
Lwest rating in both teams showdown.. lol
SKADE vs Extra Salt
If these morons from es would care they wouldnt lose here as well as yesterday... its such a shame such teams are playing games they dont put effort to
Fiend vs Spirit
spiritcould have actually made so much money if they d throw this 2:0and in fa t bet against themselves for this score... odds were 11.50 for 2:0 fiend