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Astralis have 99 problems
man just said astralis has strat issues. dont think i´d ever hear that
Faceit Level 8
gotchu bro
Faceit Level 8
idk if you use it, but is a good website. i like to use it to watch some of my rounds or even games back ( only the map and util, not like skybox ). watching your own gameplay and rezthinking...
NiKo cannot be No. 2
NiKo getting 3rd was already a stretch for most people. there is no way he gets 2nd
S1mple or Zywoo ?
good points. nice
faceit conspiring
dont smurf please ty
sh1ro vs NiKo
calm down, zywoo and simple are still better. simple >= zywoo >> niko >>> rest
top10 rookies
electronic not rookie in 2018 imo
gimme ur top 4
ye that confused me hard ngl. doesnt make sense to me still but whatever i guess
gimme ur top 4
ye true
gimme ur top 4
kinda same. i felt like niko deserved it more, but considering Sh1ro has MVPs and all those team achievements i wouldnt be surprised if niko ended up to be 4th
gimme ur top 4
ye true, and im not trying to put words in your mouth, but looking at it from an overall POV and relating the 2, NiKo is better. and that is my point.
gimme ur top 4
higher rated =/= better
before 2018 the list was more a mix of team and individual, so if you were playing really well but on a shit team, unlucky
Ax1Le Vs NiKo
yes funny