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i mean yel has even less then him
Faze 2022
its kinda balance yekindar and broky will fight for all of the mvps when they fragout twistzz and ropz 1 of them will get less mvps doesn't mean they can't on the odd tournament its just like how xyp...
un-nerf deagle
he didn't mention before technically in t side you could just buy armor deagle everyround vs cts only can do it every other round which mean valve fix the issue that we didn't all ask for but they fi...
wouldn't that just make go B everyround
i know but until rain leaves faze we are not getting twistzz there anytime soon plus twistzz has alot of clutches at A on a retake like i rather have twistzz on a clutch then rain TBH but i get it you...
first he likes to anchor b 2nd rain is a monster (when he's online) at A 3rd this is 70% of twistzz this is not twistzz going super saiyan yet his still in the 2nd phase of his transformation but it i...
Zywoo -> G2
thats like if jesus joins team devil
faze era
the sad part is it will happen we just don't know when but we know it will happen
Why Riptide update is great
yes you know why fucking people even in faceit people doesn't know how to do the xbox smoke either way even if they change dust2 i rather play vertigo or nuke everyday then that piece of trash
smooya to G2
lets say G2 don't pick him what are their options nawwk Guardian KennyS jugi natosaphix junior twist probably more but smooya might be the key idk if he will vibe well with the team
Major Final Prediction?
i had a dream and i can only perdict semi final team NaVi Vitality FaZe (i know i'm weirded out) Team Liquid (idk but if its true dejavu)
Why Riptide update is great
if they made the mid doors reverse it would also help
im just collecting cases then wait to sell them to buy steam games 5head
no the niko type of player is better to slot into a BiG then doing that