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VacNet dead?
It's just zywoo's smurf account guys come on
I've heard optimus for the truck at A site a lot of times. Never heard a weird callout for a known position. I've heard dildo once or twice, some people called that part in inferno where u crutch "ra...
Richard Lewis REKT
Thing is that RL being a cunt is just funny 3kliksphilip being a dick while sounding the way he does doesn't really hit that well. Either way love both of them. This drama means we'll never see them ...
G2 - Rogue
I didn't say it's meaningless- Basically his value is lower because he's replaceable. In Rogue you'd always keep Inspired, followed by Hans and then comes Larssen. Which is pretty bad if you're Bjerg...
G2 - Rogue
Imo he would've ended up like how Larssen is. He's good but he doesn't hold that much value in the league. Not his fault, EU just has a ton more talent than NA ever did.
G2 - Rogue
It's never the team with the best support that wins the tournament tho (: The jungler is obviously a big impact role, that's why players like Canyon or Kanavi are worth so much. That being said, chi...
G2 - Rogue
One never knows. He could've wasted some years in EU, go to NA late and waste his career there too. Kinda how Febiven did. At least with TSM he managed to live through a good career where he was alw...
gla1ve retiring ?
Sounds more like he's baiting. That being said he could be talking about a new beginning as the state of the team currently. Perhaps they feel like they've been found out and have to start from null...
G2 - Rogue
G2 - Rogue
Those two playing the highest impact roles too yknow. Basically you never see the support being a korean and just getting carried. Usually they play the big-boy roles and define the culture of the ro...
Junior lmao
They needed to bring some freedom into FURIA. Sadly as they're stuck in 5 yr contract prison. They forgot what freedom truly is, junior is there to aid them in this with his superior (american) freed...
G2 - Rogue
China always looks strong in China because they play their own version of the game. With that being said, China's top teams always have 2 or 3 koreans in their roster. Either as subs or starters. ED...
G2 - Rogue