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DaBaby turns into a Convertible
Yeah yeah
EG, why would you pick up MICHU?
Tarik was the heart of the team. I think the problem is not with tarik and if tarik was morally down then something 100% wrong with team
s1mple 9-18 now
having fun with friends
C9 mistake
ES are good but if they stayed with c9, I doubt they would end up with the current roster, think roster change did them good
not petty/ignorant, first question was legit as I have no idea what health issues he has, whatever in brackets was an optional joke not connected to the actual question
What issues he has that prevents him from playing? (Losing issues?)
well yesterdays game wasnt the best, we were bleak but I think the Superleague news and etc took a big toll on players mentality. Realizing you could be disqualified from Champions League and National...
Best roster moves in cs
-chrisJ +chrisJ
kennyS truth
s1mple doesnt tilt easily and you normally see him tilt in FPL where some players make really dumb plays so his tilt/criticism is justified. He is not old s1mple just toxic right and left. s1mple very...
kennyS truth
when on point, when was it last time? 2015?
kennyS truth
simple has a different tilt. He is super competitive and doesnt get tilted by missing a shot or whiffing it. s1mple also performs regardless whether he is tilted or no. On the other hand when kennyS...
kennyS truth
well I dislike his attitude for game like he gets tilted easily, whines and etc. Awpers needs to be calm and cold as ice. If he improves these aspects nothing in game can affect his mentality. But I...