Chinese parents born in America. Lived in China and America. Am liquid fan. Am vitality fan.
Do make rhyming poems of players. PM if feel like requesting any poem. :)

Xizt is my GOD
Come to the crusade against aleksiGOD

No1 enemy TOR_Browser_official ENEMY DOWN
No2 enemy HSQ

ghcnvbkn(adopted jiejie)

Anime4life(UwU) first account got banned

Swooksarv2(real jiejie)

Prob gonna get 10yeared:

Actually just sad(toxic) people idky

Actually just actually sad person idky

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the retard in the middle
2021-01-19 19:44

Can't name someone (besides jonty (and biggesteiprilfan(suprisingly))) with +1000 comments that has never said retard.

2021-01-27 banned for copyNpasting
not my fault 88 people followed in suit lmao :P
-"2021-02-03" already banned thrice for one thing, so idk how long

Delusional _____ Fans

Original Gamez

Stonks (I guess)
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