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"Zywoo is only good with his team"
It's just goldfish memory. 2 online trophies suddenly made vitality a better team than navi? Lmao
"Zywoo is only good with his team"
And that doesn't mean that zywoo is a better player than s1mple or vice versa. It's just different approaches to the game. But fanboys saying zywoo gets as much set up as s1mple are trying to make s1m...
"Zywoo is only good with his team"
It's people who decide what's entertaining and what's not. Such subjective things shouldn't be credited to a player's merit. When comparing two players only individual talent matters
"Zywoo is only good with his team"
People always putting s1mple over zywoo shows how low iq sports fan are. Showmanship is everything to them. Don't get me wrong s1mple is more consistent but there's no indication anywhere that he has ...
Elige best pure rifle?
"Yekindar is close...” quite an understatement considering he's just behind s1mple in 2021. No rifler comes close. Of course if we aren't talking about rn then yekindar isn't even in the discussion
Kassad on aleksib and blamef
I think you're confusing banana hold with site hold. From what I've seen aleksib gets entried a lot. I am sure you can find the relevant stats
Kassad on aleksib and blamef
Blamef is actually second best rifler on his team so having space is juatified. For aleksib, imo his b site hold on inferno is not good. Otherwise he plays fine
best cis rifler?
+1 hobbit might enter top 10-20 if he continues playing like this
free BnTeT
Nah the team suits him. If he wants to climb to t1 he gotta prove it first
HAVU vs Winstrike
hope havu don’t end their streak against clown9 of all teams
Havu can defeat them!
NBK no longer playing with Guardian for DH’s qualifier
do you even know how contracts work you basement deweller? They just can’t release him on the fly. Players themselves ask to be released. It’s more like nbk is planning his steps while he sits on the ...
choKo poem
If you argue with me I will gift you a ban, From the past supremo of the Choko Clan! Always pretending to have a plan, But my strategies were built around a single man! If you disregard my orders, of...
OG Praccing with 5th
If this “masterpiece” was anyone other than niko then rumors would’ve started circulating already