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Got 500$ to win hredes map2 :)
Enterprise vs Entropiq Prague
Life, sometimes u win sometimes u lose ;)
Enterprise vs Entropiq Prague
Guess im losing :( Oh well, life
Enterprise vs Entropiq Prague
Naaa, its fun to gamble. My salary it 9k$/month so I can afford it, its kinda thrilling. But I do sometimes give to poor people too :)
Enterprise vs Entropiq Prague
lololol I bet on Entropiq prague about 500$ first map Potential win 1000$ gotta gamble to win lol
forZe vs GamerLegion
U bet 5$ Or something. I just got 700$ for real and i can proove it
Complexity vs OG
Yeah, you know these teams are honestly 50/50 even though it was 16-0 CS:GO is A LOT about mentality
Complexity vs OG
We will see, I have big balls and without balls you wont win
Complexity vs OG
Have made a 600€ on +3,5 on COL map 2 and winner COL map 2 Let's see :)
Gambit vs Copenhagen Flames
How much?
Apeks vs Copenhagen Flames
How does these brothers have an organization stil?
Copenhagen Flames vs Vitality
Deservee win. Cph doesnt deserve, lost too many advantages. 3v1 4v2 5v3 5v2
Fiend vs FaZe
GUYS PLEASE READ #41 Thank you. If you thought Faze would win this, I feel bad for you. There was zero chance. Fiend is a really good team. Thanks for making me 1 month extra Salary fiend :)
Fiend vs FaZe #41 Faze is not Faze2020, you need to understand this. Fiend is a good team and 4odds was WAAAAY too high here. Glad...
Fiend vs FaZe
Guys, if fiend win this they go to the major. To be honest, this match is 50/50 because a lot to play for and karrigan/olof is not players to rely on. Also, its BO1... I am putting 400€ on Fiend @4.20...