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The best in-game leaders of 2020
0/8 no taz and neo
polish language in NA
0/8 everyone speak polish in poland
Poizon Best AWP????
cuz you are fan of choke clan
ppl from countries with a bad scene/no scene come
Poland is the first and only country that got a major and now don't even have a team in top30, sad but we are working on how to break taz's mercedes curse without selling the car(taz is probably hidin...
your height
check who the pago knut is and you'll see that heigth is nothing compared to personality <3 also GDZIE JEST RESZTA?!
23.11.2020 and i still want my good old low shaders back, now they look awful stfu, also low fps :(
should simple go to mousesports
don't forget about flamie and perfecto sometimes, but flamie definitely top1 bait for s1mple
Illuminar vs Wisla Krakow
did i said it is relevant? ik it's trash and i'm not defending it, but have in mind that your only relevant team is furia
Natus Vincere vs Vitality
it's not flamies fault that s1mple baits whole navi team to be top1 2k20
Illuminar vs Wisla Krakow
even with snax and reatz underperforming they managed to win, nice ihg
Illuminar vs Wisla Krakow
brazilians calling someone cheaters, where did i heard it before?
i think danes has too many teams and players in top 30 rn, col should be american but playing in eu so na scene won't disappear completely
destroy a team to fix others
I destroy Faze coldzera to fallen and fer kjearbye to get vac banned for cheating while playing in astralis olifmeister to dignitas rain to apeks