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MIBR vs Davenport University
Not to be rude with MIBR, but why are they playing in NA? Why not play in SA since this is the Bravos core, there are better teams in SA than ESEA tournaments..
sentinels to csgo
Not really, this "major" is being criticized because how bad it's organized, it doesn't have a dedicated HUD, there are teams with corona, there are entire teams penalized for supposed bugs even when ...
"give them time"
you as a pro
9z Max, i try to copy his style a lot since i like how he plays, but it's difficult to play that agro without someone covering your back
NA comeback?
That's the fun part, instead of signing a tier 1 team like cloud 9 did, i think it's better to sign a tier 2/3 roster who knows how to work and be organized, and slowly develop those players into mons...
NA comeback?
Not really, if there's interest in the game, then there's more than enough reasons to have a csgo roster For example: arg cs, we never had a chance against the tier 1, yet the interest in the game is ...
NA comeback?
NA will make a comeback only if the big orgs want it, you have only 3 of the big guys, you guys need 100T, optic, c9, TSM, clg, etc. Extra salt is fine, but for NA to revive, you need your principal o...
nicest csgo community guy
Michael Jordan vs LeBron James
LeBron online player
LoL players come
TBF, almost every time i fail in csgo i can say that is my fault, that doesnt happen in lol, so i stopped playing it In order to win, your other 4 players have to work together, in csgo it's less prob...