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Real 10/10 Animes
+1 good taste
ALEX trolling Brazil
#148 i think i got it right but not sure
ALEX trolling Brazil
like a few months ago chaos played vs mibr online where i think it was leaf and xeppa who played really good, and according to the br fans has suspicious clips, sort of fuelled by the fact that they r...
G2 play too cocky
jw knifed hashahaha
yeah feels like 2015 lmaooo didnt know kids were still mad at jw
neon genesis evangelion or space dandy ez
fortnite more skill than cs go
I mean I would argue that CS takes way more tactical, awareness, and communication skill than fortnite, but I would not be surprised if fortnite required better aim. Anyways quake is mechanically har...
media experts!
Yeah for sure and even the media, and then the media, and you can further analyse how the media takes the perspective, if it reflects the people, or the governments views. Thanks bro I have a long ti...
media experts!
Yeah for sure. I've never studied statistics in depth but I've had some friends show me just how far you can warp them, to the point where with the same data you can have 2 completely different conclu...
media experts!
+1 doesnt matter if you disagree or agree with them chances are stats are manipulated , and the experts are probably paid to slant things in a certain way anyways
CS:GO maps tier list only high iq users agree xd
vitality forget stream on
CSPPA is such a useless "union"
vitality forget stream on
same I dont think they did, and I agree it's shameful if they were cheating, and should be fined, eliminated, and deserve any of the shit they get to their reputation.
vitality forget stream on