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Top 5 players of 2020
if it was simply based on stats, sh1ro, degster, sterling and alistair would all be top 10 2020. Right?? No?? I rest my case. Keep replying, wont read.
Vitality what level?
you cant argue that. They are the best through 2020 but no way near an era. You are supposed to win tournaments consistently where as they consistently reached but lost the final. Lets see next year t...
Astralis +respect
feel free to provide just 1 single link or evidence to back up this baseless claim of yours
Top 5 players of 2020
i assume you are looking in the mirror right now. Stop arguing with urself and stop being a tard.
Top 5 players of 2020
> i said his stats were inflated because of his role/positions > you say how GTR and flusha had similar roles/positions hence comparing the two. " I can't see a single player that could be above blam...
CyberPunk 2077
Its a good game by all means. But not as revolutionizing and next-gen as expected
Top 5 players of 2020
So... you are ACTUALLY saying that BlameF is better than Niko?? hahahahahahaha omfg i cbaaaaa thats literally the PERFECT example of some clueless tard looking only at stats and numbers and not the ...
Top 5 players of 2020
read above and please try to learn how having 64 maps played vs top teams compared to 200+ maps makes a huge difference. Im sure ull learn some day. Bye now buddy oh and another thing, throwing many...
Top 5 players of 2020
the fact that you even try to compare his clutch numbers when he literally call strats that puts him in baiting and lurking positions says it all. k0nfig says he is the biggest baiter in pro cs ffs. C...
Top 5 players of 2020
the second you filter for top20+ those stats drop significantly. If you cant spot inflated stats and playstyles then i cba. Goodnight!
Top 5 players of 2020
/sigh cba to deal with more newbs who dont know how the game works. If you had actually been here back in the days you would have argued for Happy at #1.
again, comparing orange to apples. The GTA example is the closest one to come close to a comparison, but thats a terrible example as well since they CLEARLY wanted ppl to play online and are making 9...
Top 5 players of 2020
gtr (around his peak) and flusha can not be compared to blameF in any way shape or form when it comes to individual ability. If you dont understand how and IGL can set himself up for these situations ...
Top 5 players of 2020
People need to stop overrating BlameF as a player. He might be amazing as IGL, none of us really know, but its common knowledge and quite clear from watching the games, that blamef puts himself in a ...
Top 5 players of 2020