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NiKo’s insider strats
That is how a plan of an overrated player looks like.
Lana del Rey could be good. She has nice lyrics but all her songs sound the same. Slowly and make you wanna sleep.
Dota 2 vs LoL
As I wrote when you at the top you make more money than in loL. And I prove I am right Go and cry to beta LoL weebs.
Dota 2 vs LoL
Nothing?? 5 Million + only in prizemoney for 1 player is nothing. And TI prizemoney is net, cuz Valve pays all the taxes. When you win millions you get all the millions on your bank acc. Aha, bye noo...
Dota 2 vs LoL
If you wanna go pro. Dota has more money to offer when you are the best. LoL give you a salary even if you are crap.
device to overtake GTR
I hope you know device is a worse player than s1mple so he can never be GOAT. GOAT means to be the player that played individual better than anyone else before him and after him. Device couldn't even ...
Karrigan to FaZe
They had role clutches
device to overtake GTR
He can't cuz he was never top 1
I has a plant
S1mple or zywoo ?
your bullshit isn't worth to lmao.
cheater belong to china game
S1mple or zywoo ?
He plays more awp cuz he wins. LuL imagine too dumb to understand statistic. It doesn't mean they buy awp more it only means S1mple plays better with awp.
S1mple or zywoo ?
S1mple cuz He can kill the sharks with Glock While Zywho he a great meal for them.
AMD -6% Steam users.
You don't need to change CPU every year even if AMD is an upgrade. Also Steam gets China now that change % as well. You need to look on it over 3-4 years and we can talk again Mr Lowbrain. Here one ...