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Gambit era > Astralis era

- Online doesn't make it less impressive. Before the LANdemic, we were all told how impossible it is to be consistent online, and that anything can happen. And Gambit is doing it all online, which you guys used to tell it was even harder. Gambit have blown all of that out of the window - they win every damn game. If they're this consistent online, imagine how much better than everyone else they have to be.

- They've dropped four maps in the last two tournaments. Four. Maps. They've smacked every other good team around, gone 5-0 in maps in the Grand Finals of the two tournaments, and only lost to Vitality. Who hasn't lost a game to motivated ZywOo here and there, though?

- They're so far ahead of the second placed team in the world that nobody knows who it is. It's... probably NaVi? Well, it's definitely NaVi, but are we really saying they're close to as good as Team Liquid were back when Astralis were winning everything? I'm certainly not.

- Astralis were basically only good because they were ahead of the curve with using grenades - in terms of skill, they were never really that dominant. device looks pretty rubbish on NiP, and now everyone else has figured out how to pull out HE grenades and press mouse one, they look awful. Even DEVICE said Astralis were just lucky.

- They (gambit) outskill, outsmart and outmanoeuvre their opponents at every corner. 2v4's are always winnable if sh1ro and Ax1le are alive. They have three genuine superstar players (compared to Astralis' five good players - boring and bad) with an IGL who combines gla1ve's brain and arT's fearlessness. They are a swaggering, swashbuckling version of Astralis that swaps knowing a few more grenades for an incredible amount of skill and youthful exuberance. Much better.

- There's absolutely no way they don't win the first LAN, and they'll almost certainly blast everyone at the Stockholm Major too.


An original poem by sh1ro_top1_2021
Believe in Gambit
We will make Navi sit
With AWP sh1ro will hit
Into the map, Boombl4 won't fit

Nafany is going to call a B split
Our executes will just be lit
In his pants Navi will shit
Thats how it goes, init?

To the A site we will commit
electronic will die in our flames like summ1t
interz is pushing mid, killing b1t
After our kills, Perfecto will sit

Navi is pushing long
But no, we don't permit
Ax1le and Hobbit are killing it
S1mple is saving his awp in the pit

ggwp, thats it
Haters will hate to admit
We are the best team, do you get it?
After our victory Navi will quit


hs doesnt matter.

sh1ro kills 25 people with 5 of them headshot
twisstzz kills 15 people with 13 of them headshot.

but who wins? sh1ro wins, because Twistzz die while adjusting his aim.

you got this? I aren tt think thas


How I started being a sh1ro fan ?

I first saw sh1ro on a 10lvl faceit game in 2018, and the moment I saw his movement and how he played the game, I knew that one day he would become the best player in the world. I have been following him and nafany ever since they were playing qualifiers in 2018 and got very excited when they got picked up by Gambit (Youngsters) in 2019. I saw them fail, and I saw them win their first LAN ever in New York. After seeing that they were slowly becoming a tier1 contendor in 2020, I knew that this team was gonna tart to rekt everyone in 2021, so I created this account. sh1ro_top1_2021. In late 2020 to prove my superior intellect. After I created my account, Gambit only started to get better, and eventually won the first 2021's big big event, Katowice. Their dominance continued with them playing 9 finals in a row, and winning 6 of them, and I have been supporting them throughout the process. The only thing we're missing is a grand slam and major because of Navi's luck this major in semi finals, and also how they used katowice 2020 to earn a grand slam in 2021. But I believe that we will achieve all those things in 2022, and that year will be the year sh1ro gets top1 2 times in a row, which is my biggest goal ever. Thanks for listening to my speech. I hope that I could give you some encouregament to support your bestest favorite teams and players.
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