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Hey there, hav en god dag :)
PS: Respect the good players. It's okay to be a fan, but not okay to be a hater.
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Currently top 5 players
Ax1le/sh1ro/Hobbit have just 1 or 2 MVPs more than ZywOo, but significantly lower stats. I understand that they have almost double of the maps ZywOo has, and many more playoffs maps than ZywOo, but st...
Astralis vs liquid h2h
In maps it was like 46-13 or something like that
Top 10 teams of all time
Liquid should be higher maybe, but okay. Faze 2017 should probably be in somewhere, I think. Other than that, agreed :))
ZywOo humbles Astralis?
All right, my bad. It just seemed that way, since apex seemed really aggro. But yeah, I just looked at the demo again. It seems you are right. Apologies.
Astralis players in top20 HLTV?
Now that LANs are coming back, dupreeh and magisk can make it.
Astralis vs Vitality
POG Godpreeh <3
I think Launders mentioned that on stream yesterday....
Vitality vs Na'Vi major final?
Teams have been going up and down all through the year. Major is still 45 days away. Lots can change. Faze, G2, Astralis play much better on LAN.
ZywOo humbles Astralis?
apex is a hard entry lol. He and kyojin are usually the first ones on T-side execute, unless some special rounds when ZywOo would go for a pick with the AWP. Other than that, ZywOo's the one to trade ...
ZywOo humbles Astralis?
apEX found all the impactful kills and rounds, literally all the important rounds, except that one clutch round of ZywOo. shox and ZywOo got a lot of kills, but they weren't as impactful as the ones a...
Let's go zywoo!
You have the most obvious baits lol Can't bait me with these xD
Astralis vs Vitality
Need gla1ve for that ((
Let's go zywoo!
I think he's not even a GOAT contender But yeah, Vitality is obviously better than this Astralis. Only dupreeh and magisk can save them, if at all....:(