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Men you are %100 right but hltv is being racist theyre not putting the guy who achieved 3 trohpies 1lan mvp(dreamhack open) and hes playing in BIG top #4 team of this year its Xantares. Instead of hi...
Well #13 hunter has 1.05 xantares has 1.04 and hunter achieved nothing 0 trophies and hes making the 13 big KEKW
xantares not so good even at aiming?
Why would i care? He achieved a lot of things. And became the top #4 team of this year with nice stats thats enough for me fuck this top20 you can keep it. https://gyazo.com/2d845a36b78a2e9c89419a887...
xantares not so good even at aiming?
Even goat Device said he is best at aiming who the fuck are you?
just lol
Who deserved jks, krimz or brollan? what they achieved? Xantares got 1mvp 3 trophies and became the top #4 team of this year .Btw hes rattings better even than #12stavn ,with more trophies and 1mvp h...
Pro players: Xantares' top20 robbed +proof
proofs here. https://gyazo.com/e8cf3da427ae936b49556061db65802e https://gyazo.com/608c2a0ca9ad30130083f6c4161fe227
I think this top20 is just joke they will reveal the real one next month or blind guys making the top20
BIG vs NiP
Xantares top 9?
I dont understand this list and i will talk with facts and evidences stop bully and stop saying xantares has 1.03rating against top5. Even fnatic has 2 top20 players and their team rating #15 and the...
TOP 20
He has 277 maps in this year and still nice stats btw they #4 team in this year. Also they didnt play against na shits against all top30 teams, players in eu. Who is furia hen1? 180 maps even against...
XANATERES overrated again
Unfortunately there is a lot of 4 level faceit trash talkers in this site. They just became top4 team in this year and there is a 4 german player in the team think how hard is it for him. It is a tea...
Your top 20 ?
Im not believing i just did small research and found it . U can check it out too im speaking with evidences not with my heart.