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the fuck u need to put on 10 kg bro.
g2 robbed so hard
That's not entirely true. If there were no damage done (all players 100 hp) then the round can be replayed.
Stew was the one of the main reasons for internal conflicts. He literally had problems with Elige, Grim, and Fallen. He gets tilted so easily and always brings the team's mood down a lot. Stew is for ...
oSee overhyped !
I don't want to be delusional what's wrong with that? I'm Canadian doesn't necessary mean that I have to simp every NA player.
oSee overhyped !
so ATK was not tier 3 you meant?
Elige 0.37 rating ?
thats not a nice thing to say bro...
Elige 0.37 rating ?
sorry that won't happen bro.
Elige 0.37 rating ?
how is that NOT a bait? Lmao
Elige 0.37 rating ?
he kinda yelled at grim mid game.. and then TK him.. im not sure men maybe he got really heated today...
oSee overhyped !
what is your gold nova take then genius?
Elige 0.37 rating ?
0/8 bait bro..
Elige 0.37 rating ?
You should pay attention to his cam this game. I feel like hes really stressed out after Vertigo and just got mad tilted after getting timings few times on D2.
Elige 0.37 rating ?
I really don't think it was a bad game from him. Probably he just got tilted and don't even wanna try anymore with the roster that he couldn't care less about at the moment.
Elige 0.37 rating ?
Yea that's true but I think he got tilted after 3,4 bad timings and it just went downhill from there...
Elige 0.37 rating ?
He will stay in Liquid but will have 3 new players in 2022.