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Easiest bet of my life. BIG back on form 2-0 .
Extra Salt vs Dignitas
I'm so thankful for this odds. I just love the chemistry of Extra Salt they position very well on ct side and always use smoke on T side. 2-0 ES they play all maps consistenly. $1200 bet on this one.
EC Brugge vs Izako Boars
i told you big win for me. thanks for the odds
EC Brugge vs Izako Boars
big win for me ez $3500
EC Brugge vs Izako Boars
This odde will make you eome money. Ec Brugge 2-0 $1k bet to $3500. thanks
Heroic vs Gambit
Gambit 2-0.
Apeks vs SKADE
Skade 2-1. Skade also good in Vertigo. Apeks pick that map but only 33% winning perctentage.
ence is struggling but they have no problem beating DBL. look at ence opponents most tier1 teams. ez 2-0
hahah lose to young ninjas an amateyr team with all 19 yrs old. ez ence 2-0
Sprout vs AGO
Sprout 2-0. Ago overrated they are worst they got some lucky wins not impressive if you watch the game. Sprout is the more consistent on CT side.
Astralis Talent vs Case
Case 2-1
MAD Lions vs eXploit
Madlions ez 2-0 look at the opponents of match history and they got some big wins. Exploit against low tier teams and still lose.
Dire Wolves vs ORDER
Order 2-0
Gambit vs Heroic
Gambit can play all maps and they are just too good of a team. They don't commit mistakes and their coordination is supertb. Gambit 3-1 for another tournament win.
Complexity vs NIP
Ohh what happen? it shoukd have been 2-0 for NIP l. ez money 😂😂