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Young Ninjas vs Copenhagen Flames
The people who often comment this, did actually bet on the low odds and just type stuff like this to make them feel better from what I've seen. Also some people don't do this as a living. They just do...
Young Ninjas vs Copenhagen Flames
Yeah ik that's an horrific loss from cop Flames. Not even getting a map vs YN. 11-8 up ct side nuke and winning 1 more round the rest of the game.
Young Ninjas vs Copenhagen Flames
Never seen a team lose so many 4v2. They don't even get a single kill after either it goes 4v2 to 0v2 to nip. Very odd.
Astralis vs Heroic
Imagine thinking that the level Astralis played today wouldn't beat spirit lol. Remember 2 days ago when astralis 2-0 faze and spirit today lost 2-1 faze?
NIP vs
They didn't become worse they've had better tournament results?
Complexity vs
It literally doesn't matter how many players complexity have alive when they plant the bomb. Could be 5v1 coukd be 4v2. They will still beat vp post plant every single round.
Heroic vs Spirit
As they were supposed to? They are the underdogs pretty heavily?
NIP vs mousesports
Posting racist comments the moment you lose a bet in a pretty unpredictable game is such a worrying indicator that you're betting either more money than you should be or more often than healthy. Pleas...
Entropiq vs mouz NXT
Have I jutt watched entropiq. A team who beat vp 2-0 yesterday, lose multiple eco's including a full glock round agaisnt a new junior team. Lol
EXTREMUM vs Extra Salt
Anyone who reacts after a match like this has always actually bet on the loser and just does this to make them feel better
Jesus Nemiga. Win opponents map pick easily. Get wiped on your own map and then only win 2 ct rounds after a 9-6 t side on overpass. Can't make this stuff up :(
Complexity vs Sprout
Why do complexity only start trying once they are out of a tournament.
Sinners vs ttc
It is real
Entropiq vs Nordavind
Think this has to be up there with one of the least predictable outcome of a match ever. Jesus
Entropiq vs Nordavind
What an odd individual you are