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Finest vs AVE
Raijyn is a dirty cheater
K23 vs Spirit
No one fixes a game and then ends it with 3+ overtimes. If fix they would end it in 1st OT max
MOUZ vs 9z
Terrible rebrand
K23 vs Spirit
If it was fixed they wouldn't go through 20 overtime for it.
K23 vs Spirit
None of them is throwing, they are equally matched. Equally good or bad, depends on point of view
K23 vs Spirit
They won 3 v 5 two times themselves
fnatic vs Complexity
The thing is they aren't improving that way. He wants on his best I admit, but they're core main problem are roles overlapping and passivenes + poor IgLing. Even if you get top tier AWPer that wouldn'...
fnatic vs Complexity
Good job kicking Poizon, idiots. I loved this team but OBO and bad luck injuries etc ruined it. Then the management decisions came and they have all been terrible. Terrible IGl, everyone passive and ...
K23 vs Spirit
They won a couple of 3v5's themselves to even comeback. But yeah it was bad round should have been 19 17
Fiend vs Copenhagen Flames
Fiend have already proven themselves on LAN before, especially the V1cto bubble dream4r core
Galaxy Racer vs SAW
Saw beating EF was such BS...
Galaxy Racer vs SAW
Racer actually good for a change
SKADE vs Fiend
They are good enough the way they are. SKADE Is the young lineup, Fiend are the mixture of Veterans + FPL stars. Fiends core of bubble v1ctor dr4mear is good because it's together + it's hard for the...
Spirit Academy vs BIG Academy
Damn it Spirit almost had it...
Spirit Academy vs BIG Academy
6 in a row rounds and still no money for CT