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Any Naffers?
0/8 Pretty gaudy looking. Here's an idea. Same basic thing with a black t-shirt and SeriousSloth, but have your t-shirt have one of those small chest pockets, and on the pocket you have a small sloth ...
if stewie isn't igl anymore
Who's gay? is Grim gay?
The most likeable and lovely players
RUSH, nice guy, sacrifices for the team and travelled far from America to be with them
henryg dumb?
do you have some personal beef with him? you seem to know a lot about him
C9 Problems
not at summit tho no? only at RMRs? I saw guerri talking with furia during summit
eg need to disband
"last 5 matches", so how they are playing now? who gives a fuck about a few months ago to how we see a team now, last 5 matches cerq isn't doing much. and if we're talking """overall"" i say brehze ca...
eg need to disband
cerq carrying? he was near bottom both those last maps against fpx
col fix
Sweden. The fuck?
what's going on in sweden?
If only.... I do at least respect not leaving bc you wanted to be with your friends. In a scene with snakes it's nice to see a team that wanted to be together. That being said, they prob would've stil...
why i don't like some br players
why i don't like some br players
ty br mens very true. any non cringe t2 br players/teams I can follow?
Extra Salt vs paiN
osee will bring extra salt to the promised land
w0xic explanation
not sure if I entirely get his decision. he can stream (doesn't even necessarily have to stream in english, plus free money and can just stream fpl/dm/general prac) and he was even given a free spot ...