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OG vs G2
I dont trust G2 but im afraid that OG will upset. Idk. I'll put it on OG. Wish me luck
EC Kyiv vs 100PG
1000PG got this. Trust me 1. EC Kyiv removed Nuke 2. 100PG removed Vertigo 3. EC Kyiv picked Dust2 4. 100PG picked Mirage 5. EC Kyiv removed Overpass 6. 100PG removed Train 7. Inferno was left over ...
Wings Up vs NG
NG easy win
Nordavind vs XSET
Petra and juliano will make it easy for them to beat nordavind. +1.5 why not
Gambit vs Heroic
Thanks mate. Wish me luck even im not sure enough. I dont know how can heroic play so damn good. Shiittt!
Gambit vs Heroic
I dont know how can heroic play so damn good until the final. Really. They play so damn cool. I never believe in them. But they make me feel like whats? Really? And i just like oh,oke. Next they will ...
Gambit vs Astralis
No man. I'll put it on astralis. I know they can do it
Gambit vs Astralis
Ur team not even win bro, even win this night doesnt mean win the tournament. Win 1 map doesnt mean ur team so damn good at this year. To be honest gambit is really strong. But this is ESL Tournament....
Gambit vs Astralis
I'll put all of my money on map 2. Its gonna be fun.
Gambit vs Astralis
Easy 2 - 0 for astralis. My bro device will give some advice. To make gambit up. Easy money
mousesports vs fnatic
acoR >>>>>>>>>>>> JW What kind of joke is this? Nice bait anyway
mousesports vs fnatic
Sometimes i like ropz and bymas. JW and Krimz. From how they play. Even im astralis fan. But this time. I trust in JW. Both team are so good, but this time I think fnatic is ready to fight. I dont kno...
Nemiga vs ex-Winstrike
Another 2-0 for ma bois. Winstrike going to win this easly. Free odds for it anyway
ex-Winstrike vs Evil Geniuses
EG is trash. Easy 2-0 for ex winstrike
Endpoint vs 100PG
100PG will win this. Endpoint win against EG is just bait. mafia brain 100IQ