My alias is Pawling and I play csgo semi-competetively. I've played mm with INS and I watch Hatz on twitch for csgo wisdom. You can find me on KZG community servers where I relax and learn effective strats without having the need to watch that armless 30 year old called vpoo (jk love you voo you can review my demo if you want). If you want to friend me outside of hltv feel free to use the dm feature.


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HatzAU Australia
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B_Tannen Australia
hltvunconfirmed New Zealand
Jonty04l32 United Kingdom
drac0z United States
Nuskel Europe
ghcnvbkn Brazil
BurajiruhitoKawaii Brazil
Bactuga Brazil
1__raze__1 India

(DM me if you want to be included)


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