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It's been a while since I've noticed you posting your videos here for the first time. I gotta say they're always good. Even the videos giving basic advices known to almost everybody are still good to ...
Novak Djokovic GOAT
Maximum respect. I don't think gluten is actually a problem (Just look at France, the whole country is overfeeding itself with max gluten bread, baguette 24/7, and comparatively they have a very low ...
Novak Djokovic GOAT
I knew he was gluten-free because he's doing TV commercials for gluten-free biscuits and stuff. But is he vegan also or something?
Barcelona 10 IQ?
Next time say that you're a socio, that you own a part of the club and have a right to vote at the club's general assembly so nobody mess with you when you say "we"
Djokovic or Medvedev?
Djokovic is the clear favourite to win, but Medvedev is really good too. Both playing beautiful tennis.
48kg kid
Liquid - Vitality
This has to stop lmao, vitality never streamsnipped.
Traders of HLTV
You must take very risky positions to get such numbers. And if you calculate your average daily earnings doing so are you at +30%? It seems unreal. Even the best traders of wallstreet aren't aiming a...
Cristiano Ronaldo
As he's old he needs to accept to lower his salary and move to Bayern or PSG so he can add another championship. Would be amazing to see him with premierLeague, liga, serie A and finally Bundesliga or...
Traders of HLTV
I don't get how can someone actually make money on Forex daytrade. I invest half of my earnings ievery month in buying shares I keep for years (and I reinject dividends to reinforce my positions). S...