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Top 20 players of 2020: device (3)
I think they need to take away the silly kill/death statistic. If you lose the round but you kill 2 and saves. Why is that good? I have seen round when S1mple have + 5 if in kill death but they are do...
ZywOo or S1mple
But csgo is a team game, without team skill your not a good PLAYER. You may have the best stats but it's worth nothing if you are not a team player and win nothing except hltv best player. I think th...
Top 20 players of 2020: device (3)
He both carries his team when they are inconsistent and play as a team member. The number one spot as a team is telling us the truth. How can you be the best player in the world without the ability to...
ZywOo or S1mple
I think they should put bigger weight on team playing abilities. And even if S1mple played very well in group stage against astralis for example they then lose in the final. For me it's easy ZywOo ove...
Top9 HLTV Ranking
I think it should be 1. ZywOo 2. Device 3. S1mple and thats because the amount of maps that are played. S1mple have only 124 maps and 3300 rounds witch makes it much easier to have good stats. ZywOo...
Top 20 players of 2020: Introduction
The boring statistic of best player in a team game. Place 1-5 astralia player, place 5-10 vitality players, place 11-15 navi players. Without the will to sacrifice yourself for your teammate (device) ...
Vitality brush Astralis aside to win BLAST Premier Fall Finals
Looks like astralis was tired and unprepared after more matches and the early fight this morning. Vitality won by the advantage of beeing upper bracket.
I studied S1mple alot today and I think he takes to little of a risk and that higher his stats. If you compare with Dev1ce he always work to lower the economy on the opponents. If we take the 4 first ...