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Very funny how s1mple's haters changed their claims at the same time as s1mple changed his playstyle.
When s1mple played aggressive and cocky (2015-2018), they wrote that he was only chasing frags and he did not care about the team.
When he stopped rushing and started playing more passive and carefully (2019-2020), everyone started to write that he just hiding behind the back of his teammates and baiting them.

Also funny how s1mple's haters saying same stupid things over and over again:
s1mple has most frags - baiter
s1mple has not so many frags - overrated garbage
s1mple saving - baiter and exit fragger
s1mple rushing through smoke with awp and killing 3 guys - braindead who playing only for frags.

But they always "forget" that:
s1mple has highest impact rating in his team (and in the world) - still baiter
s1mple has most opening kills in the team - still baiter
s1mple has most flash assists in the team - still not a team player
s1mple has most clutches in the team (and in the world) - still exit fragger
s1mple has less eco frags in the team - still stats padder
s1mple has highest LAN 1+ rating streak for the last 5 years (s1mple 30, niko 24, coldzera 23, device 21, zywoo 19 KEKW) - still not the most consistent and impactful player in the world.

So what i want to say. All s1mple's haters are jealous hypocrites that are can't even read or count.
U can hate s1mple for his "interesting personality" but u cant call him "overrated" or "not so good" player. He is definitely all-time top-3 CS player and most individually skilled player in whole CS history.
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