Previous Bans (dd/mm/yyyy)
xx.01.2021 (3 days) - Posting a daily femboy thread
xx.03.2021 (3 days) - Pointless content
07.05.2021 (IP Ban - 15 days) - Making a joke about the N word (Nightwalker) (Note: I'm not racist guys!!!)
31.05.2021 (1 day) - Spamming a copypasta
15.06.2021 (1 day) - Calling a shitty blog "shitty blog"
17.11.2021 (3 days) - Calling someone retard

mens))) of HLTV Spain Brazil United Kingdom Ukraine

not mens))) Europe(He is banned, but his alt accounts are still spamming on HLTV)
_____ Bulgaria Namibia Korea Europe Europe Ukraine Ukraine
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