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Quitting smoking
start smoking weed, it helps a lot
FURIA bid farewell to VINI
why furia >:( i wanted -drop +saffee
Top 20 players 2021: 13th
best riflers atm
im a die hard fan of kscerato but he is not the third best, maybe 5th or 6th. 1. niko 2. hobbit (imo he brings so much more in a LAN enviroment to the team, things that we cant see) 3. electronic 4....
STYKO joins Apeks,,,,
nah, he didnt show up when needed in FPX
STYKO joins Apeks,,,,
apeks is trying to break out as one of the most promising tier 2 teams available, its a nice shot really..
Nafany about apEX, cadiaN
heroic is a bunch of nerds thinking they are good, when in reality cadian is washed up and they are carried by stavn and sjuush
last dance
man i cant even understand why furia are chosing to stay w drop when VINI is becoming one of the best riflers in brazil and the best support player in SA. drop would do great in this WePlay Academy Le...
last dance
Top 10 teams of 2021
liquid consistent in 2021? lmao i think you didnt watch cs last year at all
Top 10 teams of 2021
you are completely right, but faze is just more popular (players and org)
Top 10 teams of 2021
furia should be 10 this year for sure, so much bs..
Top 10 teams of 2021
eu teams such as faze and liquid are considered more solid and competitive due to the experience in players such as karrigan, olof, rain, elige, naf etc.. thats why furia was underestimated the whole ...
Top 10 teams of 2021
Best French Players(All versions)
i love le tank but happy was better than him. kennyS definitely better than shox too.