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most robbed players in HLTV top 20 history?
it was unfair that s1mple couldnt get those mvps but even then the cis rmrs were much worse than eu rmrs so it would not have changed the results. Zywoo won 4 mvps in tournaments s1mple played while s...
most robbed players in HLTV top 20 history?
Flusha should have been 1st in 2014, kennys in the top 3
"as most of his impact came in group stage matches (1.24 rating). When it came to the playoffs, his average rating slightly dropped to 1.12 (11th best), which is what ultimately prevented him from pla...
NiKo vs sh1ro
yeah, i knew sh1ro had mediocre impact but i didn't realise it was that bad, truly deserved #3 for Niko
NiKo vs sh1ro
"he didn't put up as much direct impact that led to won rounds in comparison to the other candidates (for example, ranking 3rd in his own team when it comes to average kills in round wins)." This is ...
#2 who? is it zywoo or shiro
Yeah but thats not the one hltv used that year check the notable stats section https://www.hltv.org/news/28877/top-20-players-of-2019-zywoo-1
#2 who? is it zywoo or shiro
You didnt take the good rating for 2019, zywoo was first with 1.30 In 2020 he had 1.29 and s1mple 1.30
#2 who? is it zywoo or shiro
Zywoo has only 5 less playoff maps but way better playoff rating (1,29 vs 1,15) https://www.hltv.org/forums/threads/2563612/big-event-playoff-ratings-2021 It's not even close
m0NESY confirmed XTQZZZ
You mean without Russia, and you wouldn’t exist without us, so be grateful
What is a rookie
Some stats about awp usage in 2021 : zywoo : 37% S1mple : 44% device : 43% sh1ro : 56% cadian : 53% jame : 67% broky : 50%
What is a rookie
B1t doesn't have a 1.2 rating, only over the last few events and thats because his team is stomping every events. Do you even watch the games ? That's my point Zywoo can become a primary rifle so he c...
What is a rookie
Zywoo is a better rifler than b1t + he has no ego so he can let s1mple awp and take b1t roles and 2nd awp which would make an incredible ct duo. Of course the whole team exist assuming zywoo speak per...
What is a rookie
Put zywoo in b1t' place, Na'vi still get their era Put b1t in Vita in 2019, vita doesnt break top 20
Zywoo #1
Not really, Zywoo has won 5 tier1 events (3 on lan, 2 online) sh1ro won 3 tier1 events (all online)