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ofc U can. But ... GMT - Ungentium ? Really?
U didnt bet any team but watch this shit match? You are a liar or a man with the most useless waste of time
13 - 10 CT side Ancient lose to Awp + eco glocks 13-13 5 vs 2 lose 13-14 2 vs 1 lose 14-15 4 vs 3 lose omg
Nexus vs Ambush
14-5 14-14 and 3 vs 5 lose for fake comeback
Unique vs Los Reyes
4 vs 2 vs eco no armor 2 vs 1 Ryxxo 3 vs 1 Ryxxo
Unique vs Los Reyes
we have 1 vs 2 without info. Ok lets lose all plants and go for a walk
Unique vs Los Reyes
2 vs 4 vs deagles no armor CT side Ovp. What a throw 100pggods
B8 vs Run or Die
Top 20 players of 2021: broky (20)
Best year for the latvian CS. 2 players in Top20
Eternal Fire Academy vs MOUZ NXT
Interesting that 4 of 5 EF Academy players played vs the main Eternal Fire roster a few months ago
BIG Academy vs NAVI Junior
headtr1ck latt1kk Fen2k Where is flami3k ?
Team Buster vs Team StRoGo
ofc throw for 1-1
Team Buster vs Team StRoGo
xse+Norbert+Almaz in good form with normal Qrush and buster vs Patsi and Shelter without game practice, tired Axile and bot sniper Strogo. Nice balance
Team Buster vs Team StRoGo
+1 man And Strogo team plays without sniper vs xsepower 1.59 on Pinnaclesports. now 8-2 Strogo pick and 2 map Ancient which is very good for Buster team. Strogo played Ancient 3 times in his life ...
Team Buster vs Team StRoGo
Xse played with Norbert and almazer a lot + buster is rather good for streamer + semi pro Qrush vs 5 players without any connections and only 1 of them plays on T1 level and very tired after the seaso...