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gambit dominance
I mean, they beat G2.... everyone seems to be hyped over that team, not sure why. They lose pretty much everything. They beat Astralis, VP.. those are good teams.
Your first love
no, I don't remember dreaming at night of her. Daydreaming, yes.
gambit dominance
Maybe. But what happened has happened so we can't speculate about what-ifs. Fact is, they did beat NAVI and Heroic. They also beat other "good" teams like G2, Astralis, VP, EG.... Heroic is average. ...
gambit dominance
It's harder to dominate when you are facing 10 equally competitive teams. Comparing current CS to "old NIP" is unfair. They really faced only 2 or 3 teams who were in the same tier.
the team that annoy you the most
Complexity. They always argue who will bait the whole game. Seems like BlameF comes out on top though. He is always last to die.
Your first love
not dreaming, no. I'm married to someone else, but I think of my first quite often. Lots of good memories
Twistzz LMAO
^^ Hahaha awkward moment when Karrigan sucks just as bad as Twistzz
Natus Vincere vs FaZe
lol Rain cost them both maps because he was super passive only willing to go for bait trades. Sometimes not even trades.
save twistzz
He was already on Liquid. He got benched because he sucks. There is no saving people who suck. They will suck on every team they go to.. it's apparent isnt it.
Sprout vs FaZe
remove flair please. Twistzz is really bad. People thought he was benched on Liquid because he did not fit in, but in reality he was benched because he was bad.
BIG vs Complexity
How come BlameF is always last? He baits and then he's not even good enough to capitalize and dies. If he can't win any duels, he should at least bait for others instead of dying for nothing.
200k russian stream
they beat Gambit by barely scraping by on 2 maps. Gambit dominated them for 2 maps. 5th map Gambit ran out of steam because their map pool sucks for BO5. If you count the rounds from that match, Gambi...