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We need to expand our business. Buying flight tickets to Warsaw rn 😎😎
Brazil WTF
Lab grown meat
Is meat really the problem? When we have vehicles and industries polluting the world 24/7.
Covid-19 vaccine
you rekt him hard
Nutrient injections?
did you even read the post
How I feel listening to Trance
2 huge names in the trance scene. Never listened to it before but it's pretty good! I remember many good releases by AVA recordings back in 2012. Many names now gone from the scene too like TyDi, Max...
How I feel listening to Trance
Nice man, me too. It's the only genre (aside from rock) that I've been listening to for more than 10 years. I pretty much like all trance subgenres: GOA, Full On, Uplifting, Progressive, Psytrance... ...
How I feel listening to Trance
Right? Impossible to not smile seeing the guy's reaction ^^
How I feel listening to Trance
that's alright, this song is chill) good to listen after using all the energy on trance songs haha
How I feel listening to Trance
Brazil WTF
Ok I'll explain it, pay very careful attention. This is a song made by MC Fioti called Bum Bum Tam Tam. Hope it's all clear now!
Games of your childhood
Valorant = Spyware
nvm someone revived a 2020 post
"Feelings are just algorithms"
Everything we do is based on survival. That's why when we touch something hot (like an oven burner) we have that split second reaction of pulling the hand away from it, even though we did not go throu...