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s1mple vs. electronic
They need to give the editor a huge raise. The story of CS video also had an insane intro
idk if it's weird but my voice is binded to spacebar. let's me reach my nade binds without using mouse buttons
Why is Zywoo better than S1mple?
Did you even watch Cologne, s1mple was first out on so many rounds and got huge game changing entries. S1mple has been playing around his teammates mostly, constantly jumping between positions to help...
i guess ur rank (version 2.0)
Yee I'm Supreme rn and Level 5 Faceit ggwp
i guess ur rank (version 2.0)
1.8K hours (of actually playing), 300 kill deathmatch almost every day takes almost 40 minutes. Watch demos like once a month, never really helped me personally. Not talented, lots of aim practice, mo...
Superstition in your country
Pretty sure this is with all countries but walking under a ladder or construction can cause bad luck.
netflix experts come
I will mark none English shows with a * Breaking Bad - Suspense, Crime, Drugs, Thriller Sherlock - Mystery, Crime, Drama Modern Family - Comedy, FeelsGoodMan *Alice in Borderland - Suspense, Thriller...
netflix experts come
TWD and The 100 are both the same for me. First 3 seasons were good then they just fell off. Nothing beats the first season of TWD though.
netflix experts come
Vikings is dog water
worst maps in cs
Worst maps to play: Dust 2 and Mirage (overplayed and now stale af). Worst maps to watch: Dust 2 and Vertigo (Dust 2 feels like the same match everytime, Vertigo is A smokes simulator).
High elo faceit players come this speaks for itself ngl xD I think you can see why I suspect that's a bought account. And there isn't anything ...
Valorant any good?
I've played on Immortal accounts, I can say from experience that I had almost no trouble out aiming immortal players and I'm only Plat 1 this act. There isn't that much of a noticeable difference in a...