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2k=2kills. there is a story behind it, I forgot the details.
s1mple stream
stream peaked at 61k. probably the highest he had.
s1mple stream
dosia has his own stream with 3k, so without dosia's stream numbers would be even higher
My transformation 7 months
you look good, but that gay-tryhard vibe is offputting, at least in real world.
IF s1mple left NaVi
he won't leave navi. one of the highest paid pro players(probably the highest), good relationship with management, team. speaking native language in team and outside of the team ( very important to ha...
1.6 Is actually really good
why wouldn't it be great? great classic games like d2 and starcraft brood war are also in the same category. movement is also way better in 1.6
if they somehow don't make it to playoffs he's out,
s1mple throw in FPL
no one ever got kicked for that. stop crying and find some better stuff to do.
Chess popularity
this new popularity is not necessary a good thing. attracting twitch immature audience who's average elo below 800 and they not into improving with what they think funny memes and jokes is not somethi...
Pimp and EliGE on NA CS
maybe because I didn't play games 10h everyday since I was a kid and not as good as them at moving and clicking mouse? Or you think pro players cuz they can click and aim faster it's hard and toxing j...
Pimp and EliGE on NA CS
poor pro players. have to sit whole day on their ass and play video games for 20k$ a month. must be so hard and stressful.
butcher promotion?
of course it's true. how do you think you can buy meat for such low prices.