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Fuck outta with this gay shit
valorant new agent
Deagle, lol. It doesn't need nerfing, p250 needs a nerf because too OP on pistol rounds for t, I get 2-3 kills everytime with it
That's what good about this, you need to understand how to play with this resolution effective. My mistake earlier was playing 1920x1080 on low sens, it's just not for me and I move like a bot, with 2...
Not gonna lie I tried playing with 1920x1080 with 2.40 & 400 dpi and I'm hitting some crazy shit and feel like my game is actually smoother than before I was playing on 1280x960 stretched with 2.2 & ...
valorant new agent
hahaha, full hp regen with faster movement and reload speed plus flashes that gets stuck in the air, garbage game
valorant new agent
Shooting is more casual and forgiving, I played in closed beta and when they introduced ranks later, got to immortal 3 and ditched it cs will always be better even if it has its own problems
valorant new agent
Yeah it looks cool at best, horrible to play on competitive level, you can only have fun in valorant if you're gold nova and don't know the basics
valorant new agent
Gold nova spotted
valorant new agent
Pretty normal for valorant sure, I just don't get why people would play it. They need abilities to kill, no aim and brain like in cs
valorant new agent
Who ?
valorant new agent
Black russian, that's new
valorant new agent
magixx ace
If he is a "man" then I am black
gamb1t look impressive
hahahahaha and people really want mir in navi ?