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ever gotten into a fight?
I had a head-but while trying to save my brother. My nose is still a bit angled because of that :D. Also a lot of fights when i was at mid school
Dust II Changes
Inferno , Nuke are also not balanced. I am talking from the viewers point. It was very fun but now it became like every other map
Dust II Changes
Map became shitter. The wall block made the map so closed. That map was unique
Why Riptide update is great
I am not talking about strategy pros get kills with aks sgs etc. This is very fun to watch and unique for this map. Dont forget people switch sides every 15 rounds !
Why Riptide update is great
New d2 is totally bad. It was a unique one and was very fun to watch
hahaah :D
dust 2 and nades
Boomers in csgo
One example and now everybody above 22 is a boomer no life dog. :D Great mentality. Calm down it is just 1 bad game
Mixwell on CSGO community
Valorant is worse i can gurantee :D
Mixwell on CSGO community
Valorant is a new game and everybody is hyped and positive. When your valorant fanbase realises that you are just a money grab machine with no actual skills they will shit talk you worse. Stop acti...
Landing Accuracy
tnx. I assume that could be because of a timing to press shift while in the air
Landing Accuracy
When i have a good spawn for palace as ct i jump the default box and sometimes i can land on palace balcony silently. I am not sure how it happens. Does anybody know the trick ?
Monitor advise! (please come)
AOC monitors are good and cheap
witcher 3 best episodes
The only 2 problems i have with witcher is the shit fighting mechanics and the npcs are so dull and the open world feels worst then gta vice city. After playing red dead redemption 2 Witcher's world f...