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Spotnet vs Risky
good luck my Kuwaiti friends ;-)
Japan vs Kuwait
Waiting for my boys to bring home the gold, good luck Kuwait
did any of them play 1.6 / css? i'm guessing they didnt do much - i literally dont know any team outside of argentina since 2003/4 (walkover.amd) that's it
What ever happened to the guys over in WalkOver.AMD Viva La Argentina
MVP Project vs Risky
stream link? i wana see my boy havok dominate
State your rank and I will guess your favourite pro player
he guessed right.
Chiefs vs Risky
Havok, did you use to play CSS in the UK scene years ago?
your job?
International UI/UX designer
p@p@d@s vs Infused
don't give me shit if you don't know how to read and make assumptions, not wasting my time replying to any more of your messages.
p@p@d@s vs Infused
where did i say he was a noobie, where did i say he was a cheater? get your facts straight learn to read.
p@p@d@s vs Infused
there we go, This Best of 3 is why I don't like Agulia:
p@p@d@s vs Infused
i called it they would win, why am i mad?
p@p@d@s vs Infused
i dont bet, i just know Agulia is the most dodgest player ever online, never been to a decent lan or placed well ever, yet somehow managed to nearly beat nip online back in the day and was total bulls...
p@p@d@s vs Infused
Aguila Online > Anyone Infused would win 16-5 if this was on LAN.
Kinguin hate
Cool story bro, back in the days of bizon pre-NiP they had a huge win streak as a mix team, people then gave them shit even in beta stage of the game, they created nip because they had good chemistry ...