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china matchfixing
Lmao IBP threw better than this
wich teams pick ancient
OG need to pick it up, their Permaban is Vertigo and I don't think they will start playing that.
It landed, very cool
Favorite Car?
Initial D car
Gambit on LAN
Good guy sh1ro
New Kings of CS:GO
All that we need for a sick major is Henry and Sadokist casting. Let's hope they come back in time for that. Or maybe some of the other casters will be solid enough to have filled the void.
in the second half of 2k21
Its missing OG ;) jk, but I think they have a chance for top 6-7 later this year. Other than that I believe that G2 will contiue to choke and not perform to their expecations. Maybe Heroic continues ...
Smooya surely has calm down
Bringing faith into everything smh... May allah have mercy on your soul
Smooya surely has calm down
Lmao he cant see that its smooya who cant develop to the levels of his teammates... No matter the skill smooya just tilts so hard that he wont make it anywhere anymore.
YEKINDAR fount out
Also if he's used to drypeeks he will have an especially hard time if its a day where he isnt on his top form. He is relying on aim and reactions by dry peeking and if hes in a slump one day he falls ...
post cringe songs
That song defined a major wtf mens
EU you’re gonna love this shit
HLTV going to publish a newspaper soon
HenryG x Sadokist
There is a casting void currently that isnt filled even by what most would consider top tier casters. However new talent is developed so we will be able to hear some new voices when we return to LAN. ...