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Fan of teams
> Posts deep analyses based on -this guy +that mens)) after a bad BO3
> Proposes 400IQ team fixes after a bad tournament
> Can diagnose a team's mood and current strategy based on a single BO1

Also: Friendly and crunchy baguette living in London
Playing CS since 1.5

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G2 add Aleksib, XTQZZZ
he didn't want to IGL anymore, amanek was IGL entire sides during the last months
Top 20 players of 2021: ZywOo (2)
you mean this type of farming?
I can't imagine 300IQ IGL from someone coming up with a nick such as "birdfromsky" Sounds a 14yo on Minecraft or Valorant
easy mood switches
can confirm I use this trick everytime before starting a public presentation The audience loves it (I think)
Rap haters, why
When did I say rap/hip hop was bad? I actually listen to hip hop quite often, I just don't like the trap/mumble/seemy autotune crap we've been served for the past years or so. Ofc you have different ...
name these cars
before having a look at hltv be sure to check CAAAAARS AND BIDS
name these cars
So i'm 3/4 of a legit car guy, not too bad
name these cars
911 targa Ford Mustang Volvo 140 I'm not good with Ford pickups
Scooter best warmup music
CIS warmup before faceit
Rap haters, why
2000's emo/punk isn't rock
Rap haters, why
rock lifestyle isn't what they talk about in their songs It's pretty rare to have rock song saying "I have the biggest dick in town, look at these haters lulmao jealous that I made it to the top" Tha...
underrated players with no team
alright let's take the whole stack of samples available
underrated players with no team
Twitch highlights VS reality
CoL joke team
They lost osee who was their X factor though