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DBL PONEY vs Fiend
i thought people were just paranoid about match fixing but after losing almost every single "safe" bet on fiend and them now spanking dbl poneys ass like you predicted makes me think i was wrong
MIBR vs Lyngby Vikings
+ their total map record is 5-18 thus far
MIBR vs Lyngby Vikings
MIBR has won one (1) game out of ten (10) games since coming to EU. Their only win was 2-1 against HAVU. Some notable losses for MIBR during their recent EU run: 0-2 Iberian Family 1-2 Lyngby Vikings...
how to awp on tside?
holding angles, understanding rotations and timings, no dry peeking enemy awps
watching OG play reminds me of my 2k elo faceit games. so many mistakes it's unbelievable
Why is Kyojin experiencing hair loss?
as a brazilionero you should understand this better because of your favourite player epitacio "taco" de melo who likes to play wearing a beanie to hide his baldness. looking at tacos stats it's obviou...
MIBR vs Renegades
MIBR didn't even play in NA, they "farmed" BR scene which is even worse
i guess thats why brazil has that strong shemale culture going on
you prefer spunj simulating a female orgasm?
need advice
just play. don't overthink it. your rank is just an abstract man made thing. it's not the same as your skill. when you paly a lot, your rank can fluctuate a lot. stop thinking about the rank and just ...
LDLC vs Bad News Bears
spirit in hotel ?
yes very stupid as there has been a recent influx of delta variant infections due to people visiting russia
240 HZ Monitor
only if you sync it
BNB Swisher 0 impact rating
how is pointing out a rare anomaly in the stats the same as "expecting them to win"?