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Navi best cs history
The only reason they are relevent is because of s1mple lol, it should be looked at as s1mple being a literal god. Until Navi wins a grand slam/major then you cant call them more then a dark horse/chok...
Xyp9x smart
bubz just aint ready yet, if anything they should keep xyp till the major and maybe dupreeh retires, I mean bubz is much more like dupreeh then xyp in terms of use anyways lol
Xyp9x smart
Astralis makes top 4 in a big event, then dropout of this event after losing Xyp and adding a brand new player, but now they should just give up and disband? How does that make sense, if they just rem...
Device haters???
Device haters???
Rez carrying team to finals smh
s1mple used to have a big ego but he really humbled himself and is a really cool guy now, zeus and konfig deserve big egos cus they're gods
gambit too good
onliners, they will be good on lan, but not unbeatable like they are rn
It feels like that sometimes yeah, for a long time I thought that I was just that guy people hang out with because im at the right place and right time and not really caring that im there, last year I...
Navi change
Whenever I watch boobm14 calls im like wtf is this a real game or FPL clearly Navi goes into every match not knowing exactly what to do
I've never had a lot of friends always like 5 close friends 20 people who im friendly with(mostly know them from when we were kids) and like another 20 people im acquaintances with
Na'Vi broke my heart
-1 terrible argument
Dog Cancer Free (Update 4)
Didnt even know this happened, but reading that made me very happy, glad your dogs better