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Astralis lmfao
imagine laughing at astralis when they was here all the time ,where was lultality in the first 6 months ?
ZywOo humbles Astralis?
i don t like this zywoo he is baiting kjiogin so much on T side
Astralis 2018 VS Navi 2021
imagine calling NAVI onliners kek
How ZywOo can be top 1 this year
thats 5 events s1mple already has 5 mvps so he will get at least 5 evps on all of this and will be s1mple 5 mvps + 9 evps zywoo 5 mvps + 2 evps ( 1 major mvps lets say ) i don t think he will get top ...
TOP 5 HLTV 2021?
wdym by most mvps in history ? he had 6 in 2018
TOP 5 HLTV 2021?
dev1ce had 2 major mvps in 2019 and still was behind s1mple with 2 normal mvps so not even close to be top 1, s1mple already has 5mvps+ 4evps and a lot of tournaments left theres no chance in the worl...
Grand slam > Major BUT
astralis,liquid won GrandSlam with only one championship trophy ( cologne or katowice ) NAVI won GrandSlam with both cologne and katowice and both on LAN yea without crowd is still a LAN so in my opin...
go back to t3
Most MVPs
he had 173 awp kills out of 489 ? and u call him awp abuser imagine
NAVI or NaVi
kid we understand that vitality made his first grandfinal of 2021 but this doesn t give u the reason to make fun of NAVI, ever since vitality make first grandfinal apperence you are on all threads mak...
Grand slam
u can find everything about IGS right here https://intelgrandslam.eslgaming.com/
Vitality Navi predict
has to be 3 1 for NAVI bcs they cant win overpass againts Vitality
both are the best so enjoy great CSGO tomorrow
NAVI choke
watch from home gamb0t
NAVI choke
coming from a gamb0t fan, this is a different heroic from liquid, they know every peak every location and when to push somehow