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Excellent .. Thanks, Finn friend! :D
Maybe they were invited .. Also don't forget your roots .. They are at a very good level right now, but they used to be at the bottom laddering to top 3 .. a Long way ..
respect pronax
Well, the entire community of CSGO could buy tec9 and win 3 majors, but only fnatic did it .. So .. ? What's your point?
my GAY freind
Hahaha, you are the problem, not the idea of him being gay .. How old are you? 12? It seems you are pretty young, inexperienced and you lack of comprehension of certainly matters .. Let him be like h...
my GAY freind
Just support his actions and mark limits if he is into you .. Just that, being gay is as common as being straight, or you can't understand a simple decision such as that ?
Isurus vs Renegades
I don't think so .. They need to gain more experience and confidence against top tier teams ..
rate 18y brazilian (+18)
Just one more stupid poser girl who needs others to improve her self esteem / 10 .
Furious vs WClick
Can't you understand the meaning of ""? It was irony ..
This Champions League
One of the best series of all times .. 2 great comebacks and a totally surprising Final ... YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE !
Furious vs WClick
Not even close man .. Our "HOPE" is Isurus .. Mark my words, this lineup will get nothing worth to mention, not even in their country ..
How much time you needed to get global?
Mmmm as far as I recall 5-6 months from my 1st match of CSGO to the get Global .. (can't remember the number of matches to get it)
Furious vs WClick
TF is this Furious' lineup?
be white or other?
your breakfast?
Peanut butter, waaaaaaay more healthier and, imo, tastier.. Peanut is like almond and nuts, good fat such as avocado as well, but I don't like it that much .. You can look for peanut butter with honey...
your breakfast?
A coup of tea with milk (half and half) or just a glass of fresh milk. 2 slices of wheat bread with peanut butter (sometimes i do a sandwich with this) A fruit (usually banana or an apple)