The best Sid Meier's Railroads player of all time

BrianCS thinks I'm cool
Nohte probably thinks I'm cool too
LADY_NINI replied to me three times Pogchamp
Earned the bugsnax platinum trophy

Triumph Standin Rankings:
1. Nohte Canada(1000 points)
Ranking details*:
- Told me why Kobruh was on the match page (900 points)
- Is not a fakeflagger (100 points)
2. Brian United States(875 points)
Ranking details*:
- Posts bangers on twitter (500 point)
- 1.06 HLTV rating (25 points)
- Called me cool on twitter (250 points)
Is not a fakeflagger (100 points)
*I am very biased and do not care
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