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Did some research (OUTDATED NOW) about anime enthusiasts (weebs) in the top 10 teams hltv. Signs of being a weeb = profile picture, steam name, steam background, steam group or past evidence of being a weeb. I only looked at players (+substitutes) not coaches.

15 players out of the 53 players in the top 10 are weebs/anime enthusiasts.
Out of the 15 weebs, 10 are from the CIS region (8 are russians).
Furia has the most weebs in the team: 4.
The average weeb is 21 years old.
Vitality, BIG, col and Liquid don't have any weebs in their teams.
Out of 13 russians in the top 10 teams, 8 are weebs. More than 50% of all russian players are weebs.
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