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Biggest disappointment in pro CS:GO?
wow, this was the first name that came into my head too. Tbh I didn't expect his name to be at the top of this thread
keyboard nerds come
All of these responses are not exactly as helpful as you'd hoped, I can imagine. What you're looking for are silent tactile switches, which do exist and can be put onto nearly any keyboard that's "hot...
If you go to his steam group there's a comment from an admin/ mod that said he was too busy with uni to make videos anymore. I presume that after awhile of that being the case he just stopped caring a...
The Last Dance
Paquetá. The last time he played for them was nov 2020 lol
Exactly, hence why I didn't list him in the second list hahaha
Teams that ropz could go to: G2, NIP, Liquid, Col, OG, ES, extremum, ence, EG, Faze Now which of the above teams could pay ropz's buyout, have the capacity to shuffle roles around for him, and have t...
This is a good move if so, they need a proper awper over fallen (who's alright but not good enough by himself), and grim is the piece that's been dead in the water from pretty much the get-go (which i...
Jamppi will return.
Well it isn't just that, but in my mind that's what he's known for: Being a boisterous, cocky little kid on the server that spreads said energy to his teammates. Of course he can and does do more than...
Jamppi will return.
grim 100%, they brought him in to be a secondary fragger w/ stew's entries and he can't even hang in tier2 EU, let alone tier1. Compare that shit to junior, who's been poppin within a month of joining...
MIBR try
No, we don't need another bottomless pit of potential to be turned to shit by MemeIBR
device to lyngby vikings
Mens, it is ok if you do not believe! Birdfromsky forgives everyone, even non-believers :DD
device to lyngby vikings
**As amazing as he is
device to lyngby vikings
Obviously because his teammate cannot comprehend his genius and, in their utter idiotic confusion, end up dying before his plans can come to fruition. And as amazing as he is, even a god cannot 1v5 fo...
device to lyngby vikings
There is no meme, only perfect, unmatched understanding of CS. These threads are lamentations of the fact that we may never see a world where birdfromsky's genius is allowed to flourish in tier1 with ...